TMJ Treatment

Suffering from a bad bite or TMJ disorder can take all the joy out of life. It can make eating difficult, cause all kinds of upper body pain and discomfort including a stiff neck, migraines, tingling fingers, ringing ears, and much more. Many of these side effects result from changes in your bite as well as grinding and clenching of teeth. That is why the doctors at El Paso Quality Dentistry are very focused on getting your occlusion right during every treatment they do. If you do discover that your symptoms are a result of TMJ disorder, treatment with Dr. Cabrera-McLaughlin and Dr. Sosa may be your perfect solution. In fact, many local doctors and dentists refer their own patients to they for TMJ care.

Dr. Cabrera-McLaughlin and Dr. Sosa use the principles of centric relation to help relax your jaw muscles and move your bite back into its ideal position.

Occlusal Guards and Bite Splint Therapy

Occlusal guards (bite guards) and bite splint therapy are used as a treatment option to prevent damage to the chewing surfaces of the teeth associated with grinding and clenching while relaxing your muscles and creating a perfect bite.

These treatments are conservative, very successful, and highly recommended for patients with TMJ dysfunction. Dr. Cabrera-McLaughlin and Dr. Sosa will create an acrylic pattern of your teeth. This custom made guard is generally worn at night and can help protect your teeth from unnecessary wear and slow down the aging of your teeth. Many of our patients tell us that wearing a bite splint is relaxing because it allows their muscles to finally come to rest, and patients with muscle tension and headaches report dramatic relief!

Occlusal Adjustment

Proper functioning of the jaws and teeth is often hindered by malocclusion (a bad bite). If you have a bad bite, we can make adjustments so that your teeth fit together properly during chewing. The procedure requires minor polishing of the enamel surfaces or raising the surface of the teeth to help redistribute and redirect the biting forces.

Full-Mouth Occlusal Adjustments

If your mouth is very damaged, worn, and missing teeth, your best choice for relief and restoration may be a Full-Mouth Occlusal Adjustment. This may include dental implants, crowns, porcelain veneers, equilibration (dental adjustments), or any combination of treatments we offer, all performed and placed to perfect and balance your bite. The results are not only reduce pain and increase health, they are also beautiful. Of course, you will want to remember to wear your occlusal guard to protect your restorations from clenching or grinding.