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Meet Dr. Adela McLaughlin

Dr. Adela McLaughlin

Dr. Adela McLaughlin limits her practice to Cosmetic, Implant, TMD and Restorative Dentistry. She has been taking care of El Pasoan’s dental needs since 1996.

After graduating from Coronado High School and attending UTEP, Dr. McLaughlin received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree in 1996 from Baylor College of Dentistry.

She has committed herself to clinical excellence, high standards of care and provides exceptional customer service. During many years as a practicing dentist, Dr. McLaughlin has taken over 2500 hours in clinical continuing education courses and practice management courses to support both her philosophy and commitment to excellence in Cosmetic, Implant, TMD, and Advanced Restorative aspects Dentistry.

Early in Dr. McLaughlin’s career, she attended a program by Dr. Dawson (a pioneer in occlusal based dentistry) and at the Center for Professional Development that led her to developing a philosophy in preventive and comprehensive dentistry.

Building on that foundation, in 1998 she became affiliated with the Pankey Institute, a world-renowned institute for advanced restorative dentistry. We are proud to have the only dentist in El Paso who has completed five advanced training courses from the Pankey Institute but most importantly the only dentist who truly applies this knowledge when providing dentistry to each patient. Dr. McLaughlin has the knowledge and experience to treat comprehensive complex cases where maximum function, comfort and esthetic results can be accomplished.

Continuing her dedication to excellence, Dr. McLaughlin has completed advance training in Implant Dentistry at the Misch Institute (Dr. Misch is a pioneer in dental implants and is at the forefront of implant research). From Single Implant Teeth, Implant Bridges, Full Mouth Reconstruction, and Implant-Supported Dentures, Dr. McLaughlin can provide you with the best long-term option!

Dr. McLaughlin believes in keeping up with advancements in dentistry. She is an active member of the Seattle Study Club, American Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Being at the forefront of Cosmetic Dentistry has earned her the trust from her Colleagues and patients. Dr. McLaughlin is known for providing predictable results for patients complex dental needs as well as providing relief to patients with TMD.

Dr. McLaughlin is equally committed in the management of her practice and providing each patient with exceptional customer service. Dr. McLaughlin believes that just like Dental Technology evolves, so do the needs of her patients. This is why Dr. McLaughlin has invested in being coached by the 3 best practice management firms in the country during her dental career. Currently every team member is participating in a12-month program from ACT. Titles and awards are not important to Dr. McLaughlin, making a difference in the lives of her patients is how she rates success!!

Dr. McLaughlin has been an active member in the El Paso Dental Society for 19 years. Serving on the Board for over 10 years, she held the position of president in 2011. Currently Dr. McLaughlin serves as a member in a peer–review committee and as a delegated to the Texas Dental Association.

Dr. McLaughlin is a woman with great character and integrity who is strongly grounded in her value of home and family. Balance between work, family and fun is important to her. Dr. McLaughlin is a busy hands-on mom and committed wife. Married to Scott McLaughlin for 15 years, they have 2 thriving kids John and Emma. Driving to cub scouts, piano, horseback riding, art, and aerial classes, sitting down to help with homework, and having family dinner is a typical day after work. Despite her busy schedule, Dr. McLaughlin makes time to stay healthy and enjoy a wonderful meal or a glass of wine with friends.

Adela and Husband Adela's Family Photo